Arizona Tortoise Rescue

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide QUALIFIED homes to all tortoises in need. Widespread misinformation has led to an abundance of tortoises in need of homes. We not only provide homes and find homes for tortoises, but more importantly we are here to educate new tortoise owners in proper tortoise husbandry. In doing so we hope to put a small dent in the amount of tortoise that are malnourished, deformed, dehydrated, and in general lack of basic, proper care. We do understand that there are perfectly healthy tortoises out there that are looking for homes as well and we certainly can sympathize with the many life circumstances that can come up which no longer allow the proper care or housing for these amazing creatures. We are here to help all tortoises in need regardless of size, sex, species, and condition. We believe that every tortoise deserves a proper, loving, educated, home to live and thrive and we are here to make that happen.

About Me

I started off having tortoises as pets as a kid. I've raised every species give or take 1 or 2 rare ones that I never got my hands on. I've worked at several rescue programs and gained a valuable knowledge of these amazing creatures in the process. Through working with several different rescues I was able to see what did and didn't work. Most rescues are overrun and overpopulated creating an unsafe space for these tortoises to thrive. Growing up on a farm with acreage I knew plenty of people with large open spaces that were going unused and I knew there had to be a better way to help these tortoises out. I began leasing friends and families unused acreage and the Arizona Tortoise Rescue was born. With the support of family and friends donating their time and resources we were able to make the Arizona Tortoise Rescue a reality. What sets us a part from other rescues is that we aren't government funded. Although it would be nice having that extra income to help the tortoises, our hands aren't tied or limited to what we can do and how we can expand to help meet the demands of the rescues in need. I am proud to say that over the years we have given fresh starts and quite literally saved the lives of thousands of tortoises from all over the United States.

What We Do

Unfortunately there is more incorrect information out there on tortoises than there is correct information. This has led to an overwhelming amount of tortoises in need of homes and a better life which is why I started the Arizona Tortoise Rescue. We take in, house, rehabilitate, and care for all species of tortoises. We take them in regardless of species, age, and/or condition. Our mission is to not only provide a healthy environment for tortoises to grow and live out their lives, but to educate owners and rehabilitate the tortoises in need. We provide homes for tortoises through our Forever Home program or act as the middle man in finding tortoises qualified homes through our Rehoming Program. 

Our Location

We are not a traditional recue and do not have one set location. A better way to think of the Arizona Tortoise Rescue is a co-op throughout the community dedicated to the caring and housing of tortoises in need. We have several locations throughout the Valley (Phoenix, AZ area). These locations are leased land from private residents who are volunteers and help in assisting with our rescue. Each location is designed to fit a certain species needs and the person designated to that location is trained and dedicated to knowing that species specific needs. Each enclosure has fresh grass, heated housing, automatic misting systems, and constant access to fresh water. We try our best to mimic the environment of each species' natural habitat. All tortoises are separated by size, sex, species, and health condition to minimize as many potential problems as possible.