Arizona Tortoise Rescue

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Welcome to The Arizona Tortoise Rescue. Our mission is to rehabilitate tortoises as well as to give a forever home to any tortoise in need. Please feel free to contact us if you have a tortoise in need of a home or if you have any questions pertaining to the proper care of your tortoise. We do accept out of state tortoises so contact us to discuss the shipping of your tortoise.

Picture: This is Lola, one of our many rescues. She was found wandering around the Redwood Forest with a severely pyramided shell and MBD. She has now doubled in weight and size and continues to get new healthy growth on her shell. She is one of the many success stories here at Arizona Tortoise Rescue.

Site Updated 2/20/18


Our Desert Tortoise enclosure has filled up. We are no longer able to take in Desert Tortoises for the time being. 

Tortoises/Turtles in need of homes: Three-toed Box turtle, Ornate Box turtle, adult male Sulcata, juvenile Sulcata. baby Sulcatas